Ahli United Bank

We worked with Ahli United Bank to create a new retail concept which is now being rolled out at branch sites across the bank's network in Egypt, Oman and beyond.

New Retail Environment

Ahli United Bank

Bahrain, Egypt and Oman

The new branch format  for Ahli United Bank offers two core service streams: ‘Interactive Banking’, using technology to deliver efficient transaction services, and ‘Hospitality Banking’, providing a comfortable and discreet environment for customer advice & sales.

The retail experience offers a new brand presentation, with a distinctive angular design treatment rendered in vibrant colour-backed glass and refined stone. The branch exterior offers a new, dynamic visual treatment incorporating a portal, large format graphics and high-impact signage.

Digital communication and interactive kiosks provide a richer customer experience within the branch, and the Premium Zone provides a new level of customer service for high net worth Ahli United Bank customers in all branches.

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